Team Building- KAI Style


Recently we abandoned our office in order to hold a team meeting in Ducktown, TN. The objectives of this off-site meeting were straightforward: strap on a fashionable helmet and life jacket, grab an oar and seek out class III and IV whitewater rapids on the Ocoee River.


Joe and Lourdes Knight captained our team's two rafts. After a safety lesson and a short bus ride, our adventure began. We put in near the site used for the '96 Olympics whitewater competitions.

It must have been a whole 60 seconds after launching when we were thrust into the first rapids. Through team work and superb directions (i.e. drill sergeant commands) from our guides, we survived not only this challenge but many other skills tests. We conquered the Doldrums, Table Saw, and Hell Hole rapids without tossing anyone into the cold, churning waters of the Ocoee.

Along the ride we learned the area was formerly a copper strip mining town and was first settled by Chief Duck. Our drill sergeants also pointed out the impressive 100-year old flume that follows the river for 5 miles. This flume carries and then releases water for power generation. The power plant, built in 1912, continues to operate. It’s a handsome historic building that has survived the direct hits of crashing waves for a century. The rapids here are aptly named Powerhouse.

After our river expedition ended we finished our “meeting” on dry ground at Wild Willie’s Mineshaft Restaurant. There we shared oar-derves, cold drinks and several humorous stories. We all agreed it was fun getting to know one another better and that this was the best office meeting ever!

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